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I help people
solve problems, steward resources,
and create value.

The wisdom literature of the Bible says that without wise leadership, a people fall, but in an abundance of counselors there is success.

We might say that consultants are a modern equivalent of “counselor.” I’m a consultant working to help leaders succeed. I want to come alongside you and your team and help you build meaning and turn your vision into reality.


How I can help

Functional Expertise

I provide expertise in a number of fields including digital strategy, operations,  product development, market research, and more. If the challenge you’re facing requires additional experience, I can help.

Objective Analysis

Some projects can benefit from an external, 3rd party perspective. Whether your board or executive team require another opinion, or if you’re just too close to the work, I can help bring clarity.

Launch and Acceleration

Whether you’re at the ideation stage or have already begun, I love helping new projects gain momentum. I can help your team remove roadblocks and develop your strategy, business model and plan, brand, and value proposition.

Additionally, I’m excited to put skin in the game and take risks on teams with whom we align by investing in your project and/or providing our services for an equity stake in your business.

Let’s Work Together

I’m passionate about innovation, brilliant ideas, and the strategy and execution that brings it all together. If you are too, give me a call.

Who I Am


I love learning the ins and outs of a business, getting to know the operators, identifying strategic opportunities, and partnering to create new solutions in pursuit of an objective.

I’ve worked with businesses to achieve their goals in a wide range of industries. My experience includes:

– helping multinational nonprofits raise millions of dollars
– helping industrial manufacturers reposition products in their industry and increase sales revenue
– helping new entrepreneurs launch their businesses

When I’m not helping teams solve their problems you can find me spending time with my family, with my church, fly fishing, hunting, and reading books–lots and lots of books.

Latest Writings

Knowing Things is Hard

Knowing Things is Hard

"So you know this search report, the one we've been basing business decisions on for three years? It wasn't set up correctly." The report my colleague was showing me was one that we had inherited and it had served as a significant influencer of business decisions for...

How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency: Part I

How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency: Part I

So you've got two proposals from two different digital marketing vendors. You have a sneaking suspicion that your decision should not be made solely on which one is cheapest. You want a vendor that is going to help you turn your precious marketing budget into a solid...

Companies I've worked with

wellspring church
Clark Pacific
Carpet Care Craftsman